About us

About us

We, the members of the asso­­ci­­ation Via Demo­­cra­­tia Europa, are convinced Europeans who have set ourselves the goal of creating and actively promot­­ing the "European Route of Demo­­cracy".

This route is intended to become a synonym and symbol of the cultural identity on which the unity of the European Union and its demo­­cratic separ­­a­­tion of powers is based. Using the example of places, events and stories along the axis Stras­­bourg - Luxem­­bourg - Brussels, the roots should become clear and the achieve­­ments of the people who - also in their everyday lives - have ensured the devel­­op­­ment of a community as we know the European Union today.

Via Demo­­cra­­tia Europa e. V. is depend­­ent on the finan­­cial support of sponsors. Through a volun­­tary commit­­ment by the asso­­ci­­ation, at least 85% of the funds will go directly into the produc­­tion of the e-book- and print-versions of the multi­­lin­­gual cultural travel guide. A maximum of 15 % will be used for advert­­ising and admin­­is­­trat­­ive costs and other incid­­ental expenses.

Belong to the board of Via Demo­­cra­­tia Europa e. V:

  • Gerhard Laux, Chairman
  • Dieter Quack, Deputy Chairman
  • Joachim Kiefaber, Secret­­ary
  • Ernst Hirsch­­häuser, Treas­­urer
  • Hajo Hoffmann, Assessor
  • Maria Elisa­beth Berner, Assessor

Other founding members are:

  • Jo Leinen
  • Toni Poesch
  • Herbert Temmes

In the frame­­work of the part­­ner­­ship with the Centre européen Robert Schuman, F57160 Scy-Chazelles (www.centre-robert-schuman.org) supports us:

  • Richard Stock, Director General


Via Democratia Europa e. V.
Gerhard Laux
Neffstraße 3
D-66123 Saarbrücken

Tel.: +49 152 54368225

Banking details:
Sparkasse Saarbrücken
IBAN: DE36 5905 0101 0067 1470 41