Stras­bourg - Luxem­bourg - Brussels

European Route of Demo­cracy
- A travel guide -

In progress:

A cultural itin­er­ary guide describ­ing the "European Route of Demo­cracy" from Stras­bourg (legis­lat­ive) via Luxem­bourg (judicial) to Brussels (exec­ut­ive). Included are the cities of Saar­brücken, Metz, Trier, Aachen and Maastricht. An e-book will be produced first, followed by the print edition.

The focus is on inter­est­ing places and sights along this route, but espe­cially on the descrip­tion of the European refer­ence of histor­ical places and events as well as the European insti­tu­tions estab­lished today, which are connec­ted by this unique "European Route". The planned route lies in the heart of Europe, passes through border regions of 5 coun­tries and is about 880 km long.

Europe is created through encoun­ters, cross-border mobility and inter­cul­tural exchange between people in the border regions and beyond.

The project should contrib­ute to making the European idea and the European polit­ical culture "locally" tangible (exper­i­ence­able).

The asso­ci­ation "Via Demo­cra­tia Europa e. V." develops the content details of the project, takes care of the acquis­i­tion of both private and public partners, is the project sponsor for the real­isa­tion and supports the public rela­tions work of the "VIA DEMOCRATIA EUROPA".

We would be pleased about your support! Please send us an e-mail if you would like further inform­a­tion, have an idea for an active contri­bu­tion or can help us with the finan­cing!

The calcu­lated budget for the produc­tion of the cultural itin­er­ary guide in three languages is 85.000 EUR. The guide will initially be published as an e-book and will then also be avail­able in printed form from book­stores. The asso­ci­ation Via Demo­cra­tia Europa e. V. is not for profit. Spon­sor­ship money and other income will be used for the real­isa­tion as well as for addi­tions and updates of the cultural itin­er­ary guide. Authors, editors, trans­lat­ors and other service providers receive fees. The asso­ci­ation only incurs incid­ental expenses and the costs of public rela­tions.


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